Driving Anxiety Disorder

Understanding Your Driving Anxiety Disorder. Understand What It Is, And That You Are Definitely Not Alone.

Driving anxiety disorder is also known as a phobia or fear of driving. This can be a serious condition that will completely interfere with your daily life. Driving anxiety disorders can make even the shortest of trips a living nightmare as the fear of even getting behind the wheel sets in. Very quickly, this condition has the ability to completely stop you from living a normal, active, social life. Understanding your phobia is the first step toward overcoming it and getting back to a normal life again.

First, your fear is typically not a logical thought process, and typically isn’t even realistic in terms of the reality of what you are afraid of, and suffering from a driving anxiety disorder is no different. We like to believe that we are logical creatures, but the reality is that we are emotional creatures first, and use logic to justify those emotions.

What this means for you is simple. You have a fear, or an emotional addiction or attachment to driving. This fear has come about over time due to various thoughts about driving. Yes, driving has a potential of being dangerous, however, most of the anxiety you feel is due to thoughts and emotions that are connected to thoughts and ideas about driving.

Let’s look at this another way, because this fear isn’t bad per say. What is bad is that it effects your life. A child gets excited about toys and fun places. Why do they get excited? Because they have developed an emotional attachment to the feelings that those places and toys and experiences create. The same is true of your driving anxiety disorder. You have developed an emotional attachment to driving that is based on a fear of what could happen when you are driving.

The fear goes into over drive when you start to drive, especially when faced with choices. Your driving anxiety disorder kicks into over drive when you are faced with numerous cars, and various options. In multiple lane highways for example. The fear of crashing, being hit, and maybe even serious injury begins to come to the front of your mind, and at these moments you experience a terrible feeling, the fear of driving, right?

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So this is what happens, but what does that mean? There is some good news in all of this. It has been shown that people with a driving anxiety disorder are typically very intelligent and very fast learners. Many people tend to feel weak, strange, hopeless, lost, and silly because they suffer from this phobia. However, the opposite is true, and you don’t have to feel this way at all.

Chances are good that at some point you have had a fearful, dangerous, or maybe even life threatening experience while driving, and that has been the main root cause of your phobia. This means you needed a very small, or very quick experience in order to train your brain to protect you and your life from this type of threat.

The good news is that understanding this process will allow you to learn anything you wish at the same rate of speed. It’s normal for you to take in tons of information, process it quickly, and use it to your advantage. The problem has been that your mind has associated all of this information while driving with danger. Fear is there to remind us of danger and keep us safe. Again, the problem with a driving anxiety disorder is that it gets in the way of you living a normal life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can overcome your fear, and live a normal life. That’s why we are here. To help you do just that through understanding, and application of that understanding.

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