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Taking Control Of Your Stressful Driving

Is driving anxiety making every trip in your car a stress filled event? It is often hard to remember how your fear of driving began, but you can identify the events which are happening today which make your anxiety peak.

To most drivers the sight of cars zigging and zagging in the traffic lanes creates a mild amount of stress. They see the cars moving and make their adjustments and just keep driving along. If you are plagued with driving anxiety those cars cutting in and out of traffic likely fill you with either massive fear of being in an accident, or start your temper raging out of control.

Yes, even road rage is often a form of driving anxiety. Your anger is often tied to being upset with someone endangering you, your family, and your car. The anger is a response to the fear you are feeling at the moment.

The important thing to note about driving anxiety if the fact almost everyone has some feeling of fear or distress while they drive their car and run into rude or dangerous drivers. The difference comes when you drive with anxiety all the time since you are anticipating other drivers to make bad decisions, or are fearful of your own driving in certain situations.

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One of the first steps to overcoming driving anxiety is to practice separating your feelings from the reality you are seeing around you. Every driver on the road is concerned with their own personal safety and protecting their car. This simple fact should be viewed as a great blessing. This means all of them are trying to avoid an accident, lowering your perceived risk dramatically. The problem with overwhelming fears can be caused by not taking time to realize everyone else is concerned about safety, too.

Another important distinction is to identify the conditions which cause your driving anxiety to increase. Does your fear increase as you approach a bridge? Do you start worrying as you need to drive faster on the highway? Is your biggest fear driving in the midst of slower moving traffic with cars surrounding you? By identifying which particular areas of driving give you the most stress you can learn to relax in all other areas of driving, which will lead you to reducing your tension and feeling more relaxed even when you drive in your stressful situations.

The one thing you need to do immediately is recognize your driving anxiety is tied to normal feelings, and with a little bit of mental effort and practice you can overcome them. There are many techniques you can learn to change your patterns of thought, to uncover the root causes of your stress, and to overcome your driving anxiety. You just need to make a decision it is time for the fear to end and start taking the steps to once and for all overcome your fears of driving and begin enjoying your driving freedom..

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