Driving Fear Tips

3 Simple Driving Fear Tips That Will Make Your Life More Relaxed, And Driving Much Easier

In order to get back to a normal life, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal that will help you deal with your anxiety when you get behind the wheel. Effective driving fear tips are just the kind of tools you need in order to get to the point where you can get behind the wheel and travel normally again without the problem of anxiety and panic setting in. Here are 3 simple driving fear tips to help you overcome your disorder and get back to a normal life again.

The first of the three driving fear tips is to be brave. Many people suffer and fail in various areas of their life because of one four letter word. That word is fear. Most people simply never do anything, because they have a fear of something. It could be a fear of failure, death, losing, change, or any number of things. Successful people, be it in business, sports, swimming, parenting, or anything else have one thing in common, and that one thing is that they are brave.

Many people, including yourself might get confused with bravery. Being brave doesn’t mean your not afraid. It means that you don’t let your fear get in the way with what you need to do. If you think that a soldier isn’t afraid when bullets are flying by his head, you are sadly mistaken. He is shaking in his boots. The difference is that he either doesn’t let the fear stop him, or he uses his fear to create action and the results he wants to accomplish.

You must be willing to be brave when it comes to dealing with your phobia. You must be willing to face it head on and admit that you have a problem. That it will take effort, time, and energy to overcome. That you must get behind the wheel, and drive, in order to get over your phobia.

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The second driving fear tip is to realize the reality of your fear. Your phobia isn’t a logical mental process of the reality of driving. It is an emotional association that has been created over a period of a handful of fearful experiences while driving. When you look at it closely, you realize that many times your fear is a silly perception of different situations that isn’t in alignment with the reality of driving.

This doesn’t mean you should feel silly, because you shouldn’t. Fear is a normal process. It makes us aware of danger, and driving does have a degree of danger to it. However, there is a danger of slipping and cracking your head while you get a shower as well, but you don’t have a phobia of getting a shower do you?

Look closely at your anxiety when it arises, and be totally honest with yourself. You will very quickly realize that most of the thoughts and emotions you have that cause you anxiety, simply aren’t logical processes at work. Once you begin to realize this, driving becomes a much easier task to handle.

The third driving fear tip is to learn to control your emotions and thoughts when you get behind the wheel. Believe it or not, your anxiety and phobia makes it more likely that your fear will become a reality than if you didn’t have the fear at all. This is true because it causes you to react in ways on the road that you wouldn’t normally do if you weren’t afraid. This reaction can be the very cause of your fear becoming a reality.

You must learn to recognize the thoughts that cause your anxiety as they arise. For example, when in multiple lanes of traffic, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed at everything going on around you. The key is to get in a lane that you feel safe and comfortable in, recognize that your anxiety is starting and that you must control it, and focus on the road in front of you.

The more you focus on the cars around you and everything else going on, the worse you will get. Keep your thoughts calm, collected, and focused on moving forward. This will take time and practice, and a lot of effort at first. However, once you are able to do this, you can begin to get to the point where you are able to change your thoughts to thoughts that are more productive and get rid of the anxiety.

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