Driving With Panic

Learn To Cope With Panic Attacks While Driving Successfully

Driving with panic can not only make you crazy, it can be a miserable, horrible experience. This is a condition that millions of people suffer from. Here are 3 tips for driving with panic to help you learn how to cope and deal with it, and start gaining control of your life again.

You have to develop an understanding of your anxiety in order to overcome your problem. You must realize that you are having a completely emotional reaction to driving, and that those emotions are what makes it so unpleasant and almost impossible for you to go out and travel like you used to.

Your skill for driving with panic will be completely dependent on your ability to deal with the emotions that cause your anxiety and panic. These have been created over a period of time. Your mind has taken fearful and anxious experiences while driving, and related them to danger. This is why you experience anxiety now. You have fearful emotions associated to driving and danger. You must learn to recognize these emotions and thoughts, and over come them.

To overcome driving with panic you need to be brave and you have to empower yourself. You might think, as most people do, that bravery means you don’t experience fear. This simply isn’t true. A brave soldier is scared out of his mind as bullets fly by his head, however, he still moves forward and does what he has to.

This is all that bravery is, the ability to do what must be done, even when you experience fear. It’s not about you not feeling fear, but your ability to drive regardless. The only way you will ever overcome your driving with panic is to go out and drive and practice getting rid of those negative and unwanted thoughts and emotions.

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If you feel a panic attack coming while driving, we advice to pull over to the side of the road, a rest stop, or any other place you can and relax for a moment. It’s important to get off of the road before your anxiety causes a problem for you. Take a few moments, breathe a little bit, and just relax until you are prepared to get back on the road again and continue your trip.

If all you have to do is focus on driving straight and getting where you want to go without hitting anything, the easier it will be. However, if you have the radio playing, people talking, three lanes of traffic, cars coming onto the highway, cars merging in front of you, and many other things to focus on, you can very easily become overwhelmed and begin to feel anxiety set in.

Plan your trip ahead of time so you know exactly how you will get to where you are going, and plan to eliminate as much distraction and information as possible. This might mean taking a longer route at first, until you learn to get rid of the anxiety, however, if this is what it takes to be brave, then so be it.

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