Suffering From Driving Anxiety?

The Many Ugly Faces of Driving Anxiety

Do you suffer from driving anxiety? There are many people who suffer anxiety in different driving conditions, while many others suffer almost constant
debilitating anxiety when they get behind the wheel. Which one of the many faces of driving anxiety are you facing?

Anxiety is a compulsive, persistent fear which plagues many people in their cars. One of the common faces of driving anxiety is situational anxiety.

If you only feel driving anxiety in certain conditions it would be considered situational. There are many people who can drive safely and happily during the daylight hours, but once the sun goes down and the lights go on they are terrified to drive. The important question is your anxiety caused by reality, or simply an emotional response. If your night vision is not the best, then it might not be anxiety at all. You might be having a very normal reaction of fear based upon your inability to see properly at night.

Weather conditions present another common cause of driving anxiety. When the snow starts falling, the rain becomes hard, or the wind accelerates many people become fidgety, nervous, and very anxious behind the wheel. Their fear may be rational, or may be completely out of line, only you can answer for yourself.

Heavy traffic is perhaps the most common situational cause of anxiety on the road. While you may be completely comfortable most times of the day,
when the traffic becomes heavier you start to sweat, your temper goes up, your pulse races.

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For other people the simple act of getting behind the wheel, turning on the engine, and putting the car into drive starts the heart pounding harder.
Any kind of driving may leave you feeling nervous and frightened.

The starting point to treating driving anxiety is separating what is unnecessary fears, and what are important fears.
The fear of being in a wreck every moment you are driving is not a common feeling for most drivers.
Most drivers enjoy getting behind the wheel and driving around town. These same drivers may turn into terrified drivers the moment they see their first snowflake falling from the sky.

By learning methods to control your emotions, re-channel your fears, and replace them with the proper level of respect for driving, you will be able to handle almost any situation on the road.

It is critical you learn to handle your emotional responses on the road. As you already know driving with fear reduces your reaction
times and makes driving even more dangerous. Once you have replaced your fears with proper responses you will have more confidence, have faster response times,
make better choices on the road, and increase your driving safety dramatically.

The saddest part of holding onto your driving anxiety is the fact it not only limits your mobility, it increases your risk every time you are behind the wheel.
Anxiety is not a good co-pilot. Proper emotions and confidence are the perfect companion you can develop as your team of driving assistants. The team which increases your safety and happiness.

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