What Causes Driving Fear?

What Causes Driving Fear? What You Need To Know About Your Driving Fear

As your chest begins to tighten and anxiety sets in, you often times find yourself wondering what causes your driving fear. This is a great place to start as it causes you to begin to look for solutions to your anxiety disorder. When you ask the question what causes driving fear, you begin to move in a direction that allows you to find a way to get back to living a normal life that allows you to get out and around without anxiety and panic and back to a life that involves visiting people as well as a normal social life.

You must understand that no matter how much you would like to believe it, you are not a logical creature. None of us are. All of us are emotional beings that use logic to justify our emotions. For example, when you bought your car, you didn’t buy it logically. You bought it based on your emotions, and used your logic to back that decision up.

You might have bought it for fuel efficiency, which is the positive feeling of saving money, and maybe even helping the planet. You may have bought it for a million different reasons, and all of those reasons were emotional reasons.

So what does this have to do with what causes driving fear? Everything actually, because it is your feeling of anxiety that stops you from driving. You don’t logically think, “oh, driving is dangerous, I shouldn’t do it.” Not at all. You feel first, that there is danger in driving, and that is what gets in the way.

So how does this even happen? Over a period of time, you had a handful of experiences that created anxiety or were fearful while driving. Your brain took these experiences and created a subconscious and emotional association to driving. That association is usually that driving is dangerous, and especially during specific times, circumstances, situations, and places.

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For example, chances are that you have burned yourself a few times while cooking. You didn’t stop cooking because you burnt yourself a couple of times. While driving, you will have moments that are a little fearful, and you might even have a few close calls as well. The key is to remember that this isn’t 100% of your driving time and experience, just as burning yourself doesn’t happen every time, and the entire time you are cooking.

Recognize that driving is normal, and there is a little bit of danger in everything you do no matter what it is. You could get hit by a car crossing the street, or fall down a set of stairs while walking. But that isn’t what normally happens, just like getting into an accident or even close to one isn’t what normally happens when you drive. It’s a very, very small percentage of the driving experience, and it is your thoughts and emotions that cause the problem.

When you understand that this is what causes driving fear, you can begin to see it happening in your own mind and stop it in it’s tracks, and use it to reverse the effects of your experiences over time. Use your logic to defeat your emotions, and don’t let your logic make excuses for your emotions.

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