Difficulty Breathing While Driving

If You Experience Difficulty Breathing While Driving, You Might Suffer From A Fear Of Driving

A symptom that you may experience is a difficulty breathing while driving. This can be extremely scary, uncomfortable, and very unpleasant, especially while behind the wheel of your vehicle. If you experience difficulty breathing while driving, there are other symptoms often times experienced as well, especially if it is due to a fear of driving.

If you experience difficulty breathing while driving, you should always seek professional medical advice to ensure that you don’t suffer from a more serious medical condition that might need medical attention and treatment. If, however, you do seek medical advice and find that the tests all return negative, and they can’t help you, then you might suffer from something known as driving anxiety disorder.

There are other symptoms often times experienced with driving anxiety disorder. You may want to look for some of these symptoms to help recognize whether or not you suffer from this phobia. Other symptoms include dizziness, blurry vision, nausea, headaches, a feeling of being overwhelmed, panic, fear, anxiety and a sense of being zoned out or spacey. Most of the time these symptoms will come on suddenly without any apparent reason or cause.

When you suffer from driving anxiety disorder, you will experience difficulty breathing while driving because this disorder usually involves having panic attacks while driving. You may also notice that your pulse rate increases, and you experience pain in your chest.

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Many times you may notice that your chest seems to tighten up as well. This happens as a panic attack begins to occur. Normally, you will begin to feel anxious and fearful as you travel along. This begins to make you feel tense and overwhelmed by everything going on around you.

As this happens, your body begins to dump adrenaline into your body. Basically, your mind is telling you that you are in danger, and your body begins to respond accordingly. As the adrenaline dumps into your blood stream, your heart rate picks up, you begin to feel the need to escape, your breathing becomes much more rapid and difficult, and you begin to panic.

Believe it or not, there are millions of people who suffer from this condition, and never even realize that they do, or that there are solutions that can help you completely get rid of this problem. Over time, this can eventually get to the point where you are far to afraid to drive at all. This makes it impossible to visit family and friends, or to do basic daily tasks without having someone else to take you where you need to go.

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