Do You Get Dizzy While Driving?

Do you get dizzy while driving down the road with cars zipping by? Do you feel dizzy as you see the lines on the road zoom at you in the middle of the road? This feeling of dizziness is not common and could be the result of a physical or psychological issue. It is imperative you eliminate the potential of a physical problem before focusing on other possible causes.

Take a moment and think deeply about climbing behind the wheel of your car. Picture pulling out into traffic with the cars cutting in and out around you. Imagine the kids on bicycles and scooters darting along the edge of the road not paying any attention to traffic. Allow your imagination to take you towards a sharp curve with a drop off down a hill. Can you see the large truck coming towards you drifting towards the center line?

Could Your Ears or Vision Be The Problem?

It is amazing how often people believe since they have not problems while at home or work with dizziness or vertigo that it cannot be a physical problem. How many times in your home do you have lines flying towards you at 55 miles per hour? When you are in the office are you seated in slightly pressurized environment while it vibrates, weaves, and bounces?

The difference between motion in your car and in your home or office is tremendous. It is closer to the feeling you may have while riding in a fast elevator, not at your desk or couch.

To eliminate if you ears or eyes are causing you to get dizzy while driving is going to require visiting with your doctor and possibly two specialists. Plan on visiting your Optometrist and an Otolaryngologist, better known as an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The ENT doctor may ask you to visit an audiologist for a hearing test, also.

Problems with inner ear pressure, hearing, and eyesight can all lead to feelings of dizziness when you are sitting behind the wheel of your car.

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Psychological Causes of Dizziness

One way to help you determine if your dizziness might be caused by a physical or psychological cause is to stop to think about your mental state as you enter your car. Do you have a fear of driving before you even pull out of the driveway? Are you anxious even when you do not have a feeling of dizziness? If you answered yes to these two questions your dizziness may be a symptom of the fear of driving, not the cause of your anxiety.

If you suspect the cause is your thoughts and not physical you should consider reviewing a copy of the guide we recommend for overcoming the fear of driving which can be found HERE. It will give you ideas and techniques to change your persistent thoughts.

Even if your doctor recommends you speak to a therapist after giving you a clean bill of health, you should consider reading the guide first. It will give you additional ways to work on your dizziness, vertigo, and fear at a fraction of the cost of visiting a therapist.

Listening to the Advice of Your Doctor

Your doctor may suggest you try a medication like Dramamine, a mild anti-depressant, or weak sedative. Ask your doctor and pharmacist about these medications very carefully and then try them cautiously. Some people who suffer from dizziness while driving have great results using Dramamine patches or tablets. If you find an anti-depressant or sedative helps then it is time to take a deeper look at the root causes of your feelings. This is where the guide we recommend becomes very helpful. You can overcome the real cause of your thoughts and feelings instead of continuing to medicate.

If you have started taking any prescription medications for treating your dizziness while driving talk to your doctor before you stop using them. Discuss what you have been trying to change your persistent thoughts and ask their opinion of trying without the medication. You may discover you need to step off the medication gradually instead of a sudden stop.

When you want to put a stop to dizziness while driving requires eliminating physical causes first and then you can explore the possible mental possibilities.

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