Driving Phobia

Why Do You Suffer From Driving Phobia? Understanding Your Driving Phobia And Where It Came From

Having a driving phobia is one of the most common forms of anxiety disorder. Driving phobia is basically the fear of driving and it has the potential and ability of completely ruining your life. You can very easily slip into depression as you are no longer able to have the active life that you once had as you need to depend on other people to give you a ride just to go about your normal business. Let’s take a look at why you suffer from driving phobia and how it got this far.

Your driving phobia didn’t just happen over night. In fact, there was certainly a time when you didn’t have this fear at all. Over a period of time, you developed your anxiety, and it eventually got to the point where it began to interfere with your life like it does right now. This has lead you here to learn more about it, how to overcome it, and how to start living a normal life again.

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There is some light in the dark on this whole topic. People like you who suffer from this phobia usually feel silly, weak, strange, and embarrassed that they suffer like they do. The good news is that you don’t have to feel this way as there is nothing to feel silly about. Fear is a normal part of life. The problem is that your fear interferes with your quality of life.

Over a period of time, you have experienced fearful situations while driving that caused you anxiety. Each time you experienced one of these situations, your brain created an emotional attachment that is negative toward driving. After a handful of these experiences, your brain and subconscious mind created an emotional association with driving. It associated driving with fear, and every time you drive, you experience anxiety because of this subconscious programming toward driving and danger.

Over a period of time you have become conditioned. Because of specific experiences and situations on the road, your brain has conditioned your subconscious mind to associate driving with danger. This association is the main source of your driving phobia.

On a positive note, you can use this process that created your fear to undo your condition. If your mind has the power to associate operating a vehicle with danger and is capable of creating driving phobia, then it also has the power and ability to create a positive association with being behind the wheel and to undo the anxiety you experience while driving.

Once you understand how your mind makes connections between situations, experiences, your subconscious mind, and emotions, you can begin to take in experiences and information and process it in a way that the average person could only dream of.

Fear is a normal emotional state. It makes us aware of danger, and danger can be bad for us. Yes, there is a danger in driving, however, there is a danger of death while taking a shower as well. Once you recognize your association and the reality of your thoughts, you will quickly realize that your fear is unfounded and unnecessary. This is the first step toward overcoming your driving phobia.

Will You Let Your Fear Of Driving Control You Forever?

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