Fear of Driving Fast

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Driving Fast In 3 Simple Steps

The fear of driving fast can be a ‘reasonable’ phobia, it can also be one that interferes with your ability to travel different places without anxiety, panic, and stress. If you have a fear of driving fast, here are 3 simple steps to help you overcome your phobia, and travel with more peace and ease.

The first step is to understand your fear of driving fast properly and correctly. First of all, you do not have a fear of driving fast, you are afraid of crashing at a high rate of speed. It’s not the driving part that you have a phobia about, it’s the crashing part, and what that crash could potentially do to you that is the real problem. This is understandable as many people are injured form car accidents every single year.

The problem is that being afraid can interfere with your life, and your driving, in various ways. When it gets bad enough, this phobia will completely stop you from wanting to travel at all making it almost impossible for you to get behind the wheel and do the things you love to do on a regular basis. Also, while driving, this causes you to become stiff and tense. When you get anxious, stiff, tense, and panicky,
you can very easily over react to anything on the road which could be the very cause of your accident and could have been avoided if you just relaxed and stayed calm.

The second step is to become more aware. The reason that most people end up in accidents, whether it’s in a car or otherwise, is because they simply do not pay attention and are mostly unaware of everything going on around them. The more you are able to be aware, without being paranoid, the more you will see going on around you and the better your chances are of being able to deal with it properly.

When you expand your awareness and learn to pay attention, you can begin to recognize that car next to you that didn’t see you, and is starting to merge into your lane before most people do. You will easily see the car moving as soon as it does, and give yourself valuable time to react properly, without over reacting, in order to avoid a problem. Learn to expand your awareness and pay closer attention, and you will be amazed at what you begin to see that you never even realized before.

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The third step is to take the time to visualize yourself driving while remaining completely calm and at ease. This is a very powerful tool to overcome not only your fear of driving fast, but of anything else you may wish to accomplish or overcome. As you sit some place, envision yourself driving your vehicle at high rates of speed. See and feel yourself doing this and totally experience a sense of peace, of being calm, and of being able to do this easily without any anxiety or stress what so ever.

Visualizing what you want to be, have, or do is an extremely powerful tool and can be the most powerful weapon you have for overcoming your fear of driving fast. There are times and places where you cannot avoid driving fast, so learning how to properly visualize yourself doing it and strongly feeling those emotions of being relaxed, calm, and completely at ease doing it can begin to help you feel more relaxed when you actually have to do it for real.

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