Fear of Driving on Parkways

Do You Suffer From A Fear Of Driving On Parkways? Here Are Some Simple Tips To Overcome Your Fear Quickly And Easily

A scary aspect of a driving phobia includes the fear of driving on parkways. If you have a fear of driving on parkways, you don’t have to suffer. This can be an extremely scary experience making it almost impossible just to travel around. Here are 3 simple tips to help you overcome your fear.

The most important thing is to understand where this phobia comes from. Parkways can be extremely hectic and chaotic. It’s understandable that you would have a fear of driving on parkways because of this chaos. However, you must understand that your fear comes from a sense of danger. Yes, there is danger, however, it doesn’t have to be dangerous. A knife has danger to it, however, if used properly it just isn’t that dangerous.

When you realize that your anxiety comes from your mind telling you that there is danger, and that you should be afraid, you can begin to understand that this is an illogical, emotional response, and that you can take control and overcome this way of thinking. Once you do, you begin to develop the ability to relax a little bit more and travel with ease and peace.

The second tip is to recognize when your anxiety is beginning to happen while traveling. When you can recognize that your fear of driving on parkways is beginning, you can begin to take control and stop it in it’s tracks. Often times our thoughts are the biggest cause of our emotional state, and the best tool for changing that emotional state.

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As soon as you notice that your heart rate is increasing, your starting to feel a sense of danger, feeling anxious, or a need to escape, or whatever your first signs of your phobia are, you can begin to change your thoughts and focus on more positive and productive things in order to stop this phobia dead in it’s tracks. Start focusing on where you are going, what you will do when you get there, or anything else you can to take your mind off of the chaos and sense of being overwhelmed by everything.
Stay in your lane, focus on handling your vehicle, and let others do as they will around you.

You also have to start changing your subconscious association to driving. This subconscious association is what causes you to feel panic and anxiety. Over a period of time, you have developed the subconscious idea that a parkway is dangerous. This association causes you to feel anxious and panicky when you drive on them. If you change this association, you begin to develop the ability to completely get rid of your fear of driving on parkways.

Start by taking the time to visualize yourself driving on the parkway. As you do this, allow yourself to completely feel at ease and calm as you drive. Take the time each day to do this for a few moments, and allow the feelings of calmness, peace, and ease of travel to overwhelm you. The more you do this, the quicker you will replace those negative emotions with positive associations of driving on the parkway.

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