Fear of Driving

The Fear of Driving Is A Problem Logic Will Not Solve

When you get behind the wheel of a car do you start feeling nervous, your palms get a little sweaty, and you worry about your safety every inch of the trip? The fear of driving could have been with you from your first day behind the wheel, or more likely started after a traumatic experience in your car.

Your friends can tell you time after time your fear is illogical. They can give you facts, or point to how quiet the road is, and it does not matter. Your fear is not based on logic. Which is exactly why looking at logical facts is not going to solve the problem. Even your friends have some fears of driving, even if they do not admit it. They may fear driving at high speeds, a very smart fear. They may become anxious about driving on icy roads, another healthy driving fear. The problem is not fear, but misplaced fears!

Your fear of driving is tied to a powerful emotional event which happened in your life which has created a pattern of reaction which is not tied to logic but to your deep instinct of self-preservation. The fear is no different than the fear some people feel of a dog running towards them. They feel panic and prepare to run even though the dog is wagging his tail and not being threatening at all.

By learning to work with your emotions, turning them into your ally instead of your captor, you will begin sharing the normal healthy fears of driving, while getting rid of the fears which keep you trapped.

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Your fear of driving is standing in your way of enjoying many of the great things in life. When you feel frightened by driving in a little traffic you avoid going to movie debuts, sporting events, and social gatherings.

When your fear centers around driving over bridges, or at highway speeds your world becomes very small and leaves you trapped in a very small area of your world.

Overcoming these fears are an important part of giving yourself greater freedom, more self-confidence, and personal power. You will be able to go to all the events you have been missing. Vacations will be a time to look forward to and prepare for a road trip instead of sitting at home again.

The real trick to overcoming the fear of driving is not attacking the logical side of your mind but using techniques to influence your emotional memories. These emotional recordings can be changed just as easily as they were created.

When you have learned the proper techniques to reprogram your old thoughts and patterns you will overcome the fear of driving quickly. The techniques do not require you to sit around reading statistics or being coached about why driving is safe. They attack the problem where it really exists, in your emotional core. Take control of your emotions, set a new course, and re-discover the joys of freedom found in driving your car with complete confidence.

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