Driving Phobia Treatment

Here Is What You Need In Order To Choose The Best Driving Phobia Treatment…

Choosing the right driving phobia treatment for yourself can be a difficult process, and you need to know what to look for in order to make the best choice for you. You want to make sure you choose a driving phobia treatment that will get the results you want, and not be a waste of time and money. Here is what you need to know in order to make the best choice possible for you.

The first thing you need to look for is their understanding of what causes this fear in the first place. This is a conditioned response. This means that every time you drive, your subconscious mind has developed an association to all of the past times you have driven. Over time, you have developed an association that has connected driving with danger. You have conditioned yourself, because of a handful of fearful experiences while driving, to feel anxiety and the presence of danger every time you are behind the wheel.

Any driving phobia treatment you choose must understand this, and have a process that is able to take this into consideration when offering a solution. If it doesn’t, it won’t address the causes of your fear, and it certainly won’t use a process that helps to reverse this conditioning and your subconscious association to driving and that driving is always dangerous.

When you get behind the wheel, because of this conditioning, you instantly begin to experience fear. When we experience fear, we experience something called the flight or fight response. This means that you only have two choices when you feel you are in danger and experience fear. You can fight, or you can run. There are no other options, and your natural response to danger will dictate what happens when you are faced with danger, or at least the perceived experience of danger.

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The best driving phobia treatment will be able to take this into account also and use it to help you overcome your fear. Most people’s natural response to danger is flight. They either freeze in place and die, or at least end up seriously injured, or they try to escape and run. A few great examples of this are when people are in crowded places and something happens such as a fire. Many people panic and try to run and end up running each other over, or go to places that don’t allow them to escape.
Many times something happening in a crowded public place usually results in many people getting injured or even worse because the natural flight response kicks in for the majority of people and creates devastating results as every one tries to run.

Most of the driving phobia treatment options on the market fail because they don’t take into account this subconscious programming and response to danger, and they try to address it on a conscious level. This will never work, as the problem lies in your programming and conditioning over a period of years.

The best driving phobia treatment will be able to teach you how to erase the old programming that makes you afraid of getting behind the wheel, and will teach you how to replace it with new programming and conditioning that empowers you to drive with confidence. You have to change the mental programming and process that occurs and creates fear and replace it with a new way of thinking that replaces it with confidence, calmness, and peace. If a program is unable to, or simply doesn’t address this or do this,
you need to look for a new driving phobia treatment. In our honest opinion, we believe ‘The Original Driving Fear Program’ by Rich Presta is the best choice when looking for a driving fear treatment.

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