Get Over Fear of Driving

How To Get Over Fear Of Driving – A Simple, Effective, And Powerful Step By Step Process

The mind is a very, very powerful tool. It can do amazing things, including create fears of things in our lives. It can also allow us to get over fear of driving as well. The problem is that it is responsible for creating that fear, and we must learn to use it properly in order to get over fear of driving. Here is a simple process for doing just that.

Find a quiet place where you will be left undisturbed. Sit back, relax, and get comfortable. You will want to follow this process precisely, and do it as often as you feel is necessary. For the very first time, do it at least 10 times and repeat it daily until you get over fear of driving.

Begin by thinking back to a time when you experienced anxiety while driving, or even before you got in the car to drive. Allow yourself to feel those emotions of anxiety, and panic, and stress as strongly as possible. The goal here is to feel as strongly those emotions as you possibly can.

Now, allow an image or movie to form in your mind. Don’t try to control it, simply let it form on it’s own without your input. Make sure you continue to feel those negative, unwanted emotions and just let the image appear. Once it does, look very, very closely at the image and notice as much about it as possible. Everyone will experience a different image when they do this, so you need to pay close attention to your own visual experience of these emotions.

You might find that it is odd shaped, large, vivid, or any other combination of possible things. You may also experience certain sounds or someone talking to you. Pay attention to this as well.

Now, get rid of those emotions. You might want to open your eyes, recite your phone number, or anything else you need to do in order to completely get rid of those emotions and that experience.

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Now, close your eyes again when you are ready and imagine an image of yourself. This self is a future you, the you that you want to be when you get over fear of driving. Look at yourself and allow the image of yourself to become bright, vivid, clear, and shining like a star. Make sure this is the you that you really, really want to be when you get over fear of driving. Make sure this you has a sense of humor and isn’t perfect, but is strong, confident, powerful, and totally at ease while driving.

Imagine you have all the tools you need to overcome this fear in this future you. Now, take that image of you and turn it into a small, bright, burning ball of white light. Expand that ball of light a until you are back to full size again and feeling those feelings of the future you. Now, imagine this future you is talking to you and that you are telling yourself, “I feel good about myself.” Let this sentence surround you, ring in your head, and completely engulf you.

Now, go back to that original image you had. See it vividly in your mind. Take that future you as that bright ball of light, and place it right in the middle of that image. Now, expand that ball of light again hearing yourself telling yourself and totally engulfing the feelings of that future you as you hear “I feel good about myself” and it takes over your entire body. As you expand this future you, take that image and turn it into a tiny little ball until it disappears. Do this over and over about 10 times and as often as you need to until you get over fear of driving.

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