How To Beat The Fear of Driving?

Is Your Fear of Driving Caused By Other Drivers Or Yourself?

Can you believe that guy just cut you off? Unbelievable, they would allow someone to drive who keeps slowing down and speeding up like that. You may believe those crazy drivers on the road or the terrible road conditions are the cause of your fear of driving, but is it really?

Stop and think for a moment. There are thousands of other drivers on the road today and most of them are not feeling fearful unless they are in a near accident. The average driver see the person cut them off, curses gently under their breath, and just goes on down the road without thinking about it again. Someone who has a fear of driving on the other hand will get cut off, feel their fears spike, their heart begin to race, and little sweat form on their brow, and feel worried they are going to be in an accident at any moment.

The difference is in their thoughts and beliefs about the incident which just happened. It makes it sound so simple. To the average person they do not understand why anyone would become fearful. Their thought patterns are completely different. Their relationship with driving does not produce fear.

If you suffer from the fear of driving their thought patterns are just as foreign to you. Your thoughts are centered around all of the dangerous and bad things which might happen on the road. You see the drivers as potential danger points. The road hazards as places to lose control of your car. The high bridges as a possible place to fall from. All of those items are just another small detail of the road to the average driver.

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The challenge to overcoming your fear of driving is learning how to break free from your current thought patterns and start replacing them with new patterns of thought. While all your friends are going to try to explain how illogical your feelings are, it will not help solve the problem. Your fears may not stand the test of logic, but which feelings do? You need to learn how to begin softening those thoughts and feelings which cause your fears to grow, and increase the feelings of joy and excitement of going to your destination.

Now the question becomes how can you do this? There are many methods of modifying your thinking patterns ranging from hypnosis, auto-suggestion, affirmations, neuro-linguistic programming, and others. While a psychologist or psychiatrist may be able to help you uncover where your fears spring from, the more important aspect is learning how to change. You probably do not care where the feelings started, you just want methods to make changes, and make them fast. This is why you should consider using the techniques learned by people who suffered your fears in the past and overcame them. They know what works. They have mastered the changes and can point you in the right direction instantly.

By learning a few simple techniques to adjust your thoughts you can quickly overcome the fear of driving and begin enjoying life fully. Learn from the research and lessons of others, and overcome your fears fast.

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