Panic Attacks While Driving

You Can Stop Panic Attacks While Driving. Find Out How.

Do you feel your heart race, have cold sweats, tremble or even get the urge to throw up whenever you start to drive? You’re probably suffering from panic attacks while driving.

The fear of driving is normal, especially if you’re just starting out with driving. As with new experiences, driving for the first time on a busy road can make you anxious and make your stress levels shoot up. But most drivers go past that experience and enjoy driving.

However, if you continue having panic attacks while driving after months or even years of trying, then you may be suffering from the condition called hodophobia, which refers to the fear of driving or fear of traveling. If you believe that you are suffering from hodophobia, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed since you are not the only one suffering from this and know that help is available.

There are many ways to deal with panic attacks, each effective depending on how deep your phobia is. These solutions range from doing proper breathing techniques to seeking professional help.

If you are suffering from minor panic attacks when driving, the most basic response would be to perform proper breathing techniques. Notice that there are several symptoms when you start to panic including elevated heart rate, sweating and irregular breathing.

To help you calm down, you should perform proper breathing. How do you do this? A simple way of telling if you’re breathing properly is by placing a hand on your tummy. If your tummy rises when you inhale, then you’re breathing correctly. It means that you’re breathing from your diaphragm. Once you’re breathing properly, breathe regularly. Take long, deep breaths. That should help you calm down.

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Aside from learning how to breathe properly and regularly, you should also be able to keep your mind off negative thoughts while you’re driving. Keep yourself from thinking that you might hit something, that you’ll get lost or meet accident along the way. The truth is that the more you harbor these negative thoughts, the more you become prone to danger as your judgment becomes clouded.

For more serious cases of fear of driving, you might consider seeking professional help. A therapist would be able to help you overcome your fear gradually. But it may be a bit more expensive than most solutions out there.

All in all, hodophobia or the fear of driving isn’t something you should be ashamed of even if you experience panic attacks while driving. As we mentioned earlier, there are effective solutions for you to try. From breathing techniques that help regulate your breathing to self-help treatments, you have all the help you need to overcome your fear of driving. Just keep in mind that this condition is treatable. And the sooner you seek help, the sooner you’ll get out of that condition.

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