Panicking While Driving

Have you started panicking while driving your car? The little events on the road which you could overlook and ignore in the past now jump out at you bigger than life and make you scared to drive. A car coming quickly towards an intersection causes you to become frightened and can result in a panic attack. You know it is not normal but do not know how to make it change. Let us discuss a few ideas for you to start regaining control of your reactions and restore your confidence in driving.

Do You Panic While Driving All the Time?

An important question to address is if panicking while driving is a consistent behavior or one which strikes at seemingly random times? For some individuals their panic attacks while driving only happen under certain conditions. It might be on days they have been highly stressed at work. It could be the days they drink a few extra cups of coffee loaded with sugar. For other people the attacks only happen when they are taking certain medications.

Think about your panic episodes and when you are feeling a fear of driving. Is there anything different about those days? If you can identify a trigger, then you can work to reduce or eliminate the issue very quickly.

What If You Feel Panicked Every Time You Drive?

If you feel tense, fearful, or have panic attacks every time you drive your strategies will be much different. You will need to start working on the mental aspects of driving and how you think about the activity.

One of the best resources for learning a multitude of ways to overcome the fear of driving and to quick panicking while driving can be found HERE. Check into that guide for a comprehensive plan for stopping your panic attacks.

Here are a few unusual ideas you can start using today.

• Practice with a computer based driving simulator.
• Start visualizing successful trips.
• Take drives on safe quiet roads for extra practice.
• Drive bumper cars at an amusement park.

These four ideas have a common theme to them. They are all designed to start subtly changing your relationship to driving.

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Using a Driving Simulator to Stop Panicking While Driving

You have a few choices for driving simulators, but realize this can be done completely free on your computer. These come in the forms of simulators released by auto manufacturers for you to virtual test drive their cars and as video games. The video game group often includes racing and extreme traffic conditions.
If possible get a steering wheel and foot pedal set to use with the simulator. Practice driving in various situations and just try to have fun. This can help you learn to relax behind the wheel and improve your driving skills at the same time.

Why Bumper Cars and Go Karts can Help Stop Panic

Our feelings of panic while driving are usually associated to focusing on possible bad outcomes. By getting into bumper cars and Go Karts we can start turning driving into a fun activity and discover small bumps do not really cause great damage. We will still realize a severe accident must be avoided, but our relationship to driving can begin to switch.

Both simulators and driving entertainment cars at an amusement park should be combined with visualization exercises relating to our regular driving. This allows us to begin merging pleasant and fun thoughts about driving into our daily lives.

Taking this to the next logical step requires you get behind the wheel of your car. Start driving in areas which you know are safe and continuing your visualization. You will discover with a little practice you can stop panicking while driving and start enjoying your car once again.

Prove Who’s Boss When You’re At The Driver’s Seat

You maybe the master of your house or the lord of the boardroom. But if you sweat and tremble whenever you’re on the wheel, then you’ll realize you aren’t always the boss after all. It’s about time that you make a change. Be the boss when you’re at the driver’s seat.

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