We are glad that you have decided to overcome your fear of driving. will help you to get rid of this terrible phobia. We have asked a couple of driving fear experts to share their story with our audience. In the upcoming months these driving fear experts will update audio lessons on a regular basis. You can listen to their advice by clicking on the ‘Play’ button. You can also download the audio lessons and listen to them on your MP3 Player.

We proudly present: Jonathan Smith, as our first driving fear expert. Please listen carefully to the information he gives in the three audio lessons, which you can find below.

Audio Lesson 1: Who is Jonathan Smith?

Introduction to Jonathan Smith and why he is the person you can trust to help you overcome a fear of driving.

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Audio Lesson 2: Solid Advice To Stop Driving Fear

The tools you need to have in your tool box in order to overcome your driving fear and more powerful tips by Jonathan Smith.

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Audio Lesson 3: Driving Phobia Treatments

The key elements that are essential and extremely important for any program that you look at to help you overcome your driving anxiety.

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Here’s the driving phobia treatment link, recommended by Jonathan Smith in the third audio lesson