Part 3: The Key To Success And Overcoming Driving Fear

September 30th, 2009 by admin

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The key to success for Tony was simple. He very quickly realized that bravery was the key to success with anything. Most people fail, long before they get started, because of fear. Fear has the ability to stop us dead in our tracks, or create action within us, and which one of these two options fear creates depends on us and who we are at our core.

When faced with fear, our natural response is one of two things. In the psychological realm, this is known as fight or flight. You will either freeze in your tracks and die, run like crazy and maybe get away, or you will fight tooth and nail until you win or lose. You will either fight or flight, and Tony used this to his advantage in order to overcome his driving fear.

He realized that he needed to be brave, and that bravery had nothing to do with the fear that he felt. In fact, he realized that he could be completely, utterly, 100%, totally terrified, but that he could still function and that he didn’t need to allow his fear to control and rule him. Once he realized this, he very quickly became empowered to start facing his fear, to find a solution to overcome his fear, and to take the actions necessary to take back control of his life, and to no longer allow fear to rule over him.

Regardless of what you are feeling, there is always something you can do and actions you can take. The problem is that people often times allow their emotions and feelings to dictate their actions, and they very quickly lose control of their lives, situations, and anything else they get involved in because of this.

Take anger for example. When someone becomes angry, they usually lose control very quickly. This causes them to yell, scream, get violent, or any number of other possible actions and reactions. Fear works the same way. When we experience fear, especially when it comes to driving fear, we begin to shut down and withdraw and do everything within our power to remove ourselves from the situation in order to stop feeling that anxiety and fear.

The first thing that Tony did was realize that his fear was controlling him, and that it would continue to control him and his life until he empowered himself to stand up and face it. Until he decided that he was no longer going to be a victim of fear, but would instead use his fear to empower himself and as a fuel to overcome his fear. Once he did this, nothing was impossible, not even overcoming his driving fear.

He used his fear as a fuel, as a motivation, as a driving force to get his life back. When Tony thought about how scared he was when driving, he also thought about everything that this fear had done to him and his life. About how he had suffered for so long because of his fear. He thought about how everyone he loved had been hurt because of his fear, and how he had become dependent on people over the years. It made him angry as he thought about all of this, and he used that anger and that fear as the very foundation and reason to overcome his fear.

Once he gained the tools necessary, and the understanding about his driving fear that he needed, it wasn’t long before he regained control of his fear, his life, and his ability to drive without experiencing anxiety or fear behind the wheel. You must be able, willing, and committed to use your fear in order to overcome your driving fear.

You have to be willing, empowered, inspired to learn, to grow, and to regain control of your life and to overcome your anxiety and fear. You can do exactly what Tony has done, and you can get your life back.

In the next part, we will go into more detail about what Tony learned, and how he began to regain his life, his control, and his ability to get behind the wheel of a vehicle without feeling anxiety, fear, panic, or any of the other negative, unwanted emotions that you often times experience when it comes to driving.

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